BIOVITAE is a UV-FREE LED lighting device that kills up to 99.8% of THE CORONAVIRUS, bacteria and, with its microbicidal action, counteracts the exacerbation of symptoms of allergic diseases
How does BIOVITAE work on bacteria?
The microbicidal action is produced thanks to a special combination of some visible spectrum frequencies (therefore NOT UV) emitted in the range between 400 and 420 nm, which scientific tests, conducted by countless research institutes and universities, have been shown to be harmful to bacteria and other microorganisms (spores, bacterial moulds and bacterial fungi). The special frequency mix produced by BIOVITAE has also been successfully tested on THE CORONAVIRUS.
How does BIOVITAE work on SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses?
The action of BIOVITAE on viruses is expressed through photolysis of phospholipids and oxidation of glycoproteins that make up the pericapsis; and since many viruses share the same structure, BIOVITAE is also effective against other viral species.
Why using BIOVITAE, what are the benefits?
Because, unlike all other sanitization solutions, with BIOVITAE you are always protected. BIOVITAE, in fact, guarantees continuous sanitation even in the presence of living beings; unlike other sanitation systems – from chemical detergents, ozone to UV – which can only be used in the absence of people. Continuous sanitization is the most effective solution for the prevention and containment of bacterial or viral infections. It is also an important response to antibiotic resistance to bacteria. BIOVITAE safeguards the natural resilience of our immune system, providing an effective response for the protection of children, adults and animals given that the light acts in total safety in the presence of a human being and in any environment.
You are always protected
Replace your normal white-light lighting
Use it for every home environment: from the children’s room to the kitchen
BIOVITAE sanitizes the environment and kills (non-inactive) viruses and bacteria.
Does BIOVITAE emits UV rays?
No. BIOVITAE is UV-FREE. UV rays emit a violet light and are harmful to living beings, they can only be used in empty environments or by shielding the light source. The white light of BIOVITAE has no contraindication for the continuous use in the presence of humans and animals; and is used as a normal light bulb. Learn more about the difference between LEDs and UV at this link.
Which tests have been carried out to test the effectiveness of BIOVITAE lighting devices?
The effectiveness of BIOVITAE against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) has been verified by the Scientific Department of the Celio Military Hospital in Rome and, independently, also by the military laboratories in Germany and Sweden, as well as by the Department of Microbiology of the Sapienza University in Rome and the CEA (Commissariat à l ‘énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) in France.

Look at the  bacteria tests.  Look at the  virus tests.

Is BIOVITAE light able to eliminate all types of bacteria?

Yes. Because the frequency range emitted by   covers the entire visible spectrum, especially wavelengths from 400 to 420 420nm, a range known as the   Such frequencies are scientifically proven to be effective on all bacteria (GRAM+ and GRAM-), including antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains-such as the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)-as well as on spores, bacterial molds, bacterial fungi and yeasts.

Does BIOVITAE eradicate mold and mildew?

All bacterial microorganisms, including molds and fungi, undergo the oxidative effect induced by BIOVITAE. However, when the colonies turn into mycelia, and have thus reached the characteristic dark, spongy formation visible to the naked eye, then they are no longer microorganisms but true plant organisms. In this form, it is no longer possible to eradicate them through the action of Biovitae (which is, precisely, designed not to be harmful to living organisms such as humans, animals, and plants), but it will be necessary to intervene with appropriate mechanical or chemical removal actions (such as scraping or the use of anti-mildew/anti-fungal paints/impregnations). Molds form when the environment is unhealthy due to excessive presence of moisture or other characteristics that promote the growth of bacteria and fungi. Therefore certainly sanitizing the rooms will prevent the formation of mold. On the molds that have already formed, type and developmental status would need to be analyzed.  Molds are generated by unhealthy environments due to excess humidity and condensation that create the ideal habitat for fungal and bacterial growth. Biovitae controls and reduces such proliferation and prevents bacterial and fungal mold growth.

If I use BIOVITAE lighting fixtures, do I still have to use chemical sanitizers or can I perform normal cleaning even with non-sanitizing detergents?

BIOVITAE Domus is an active sanitization system against microorganisms and, as such, does not replace normal cleaning and dirt removal activities.

Can living in a perfectly sanitized indoor environment expose human beings to be more fragile when they are in unsanitized environments?

No. Because a sanitized environment is not a sterile environment. Total elimination of bacteria would interrupt the natural resilience of the immune system, causing it to weaken; but BIOVITAE is designed to keep the environment sanitized without making it sterile.

What is the difference between BIOVITAE and other devices that use UV LEDs?

Until recently, the best known and most widely used antimicrobial light irradiation has been with light wavelengths of the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum, particularly UV-C radiation (100 to 280 nm), which is traditionally used for disinfection. It has now been shown, however, not only that UV radiation is effective only in the presence of particular environmental parameters (above all, precise levels of temperature and humidity), but also that it is carcinogenic to humans and changes the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of food, as well as altering the structural characteristics of materials (e.g., weakening plastics).  In addition, UV radiation acts on the genetic structure of the microorganism and--therefore--does not eliminate it permanently but causes itsinactivation, that is, inhibiting its replicative function but not eradicating it permanently. Recent discoveries have shown that some microorganisms, particularly bacteria, have mechanisms that can repair UV-C-induced genetic damage; so, too, are some viruses that can reactivate themselves by using certain enzymes of the hosts in which they have taken up residence.  BIOVITAE is not harmful to living things: can be used within environments under any environmental conditions and irreversibly eliminates the microorganisms on which it acts.  

See the differences between LED and UV 
Is BIOVITAE harmful to the health of humans and animals?

No, Biovitae technology uses only visible light and does not emit UV-C radiation or other sources of ozone formation, and thus meets all the standards set for user safety. BIOVITAE complies with the International Standards IEC 62471 (Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems) and IEC TR 62778 (Application of IEC 62471 for the assessment of blue light hazard to light sources and luminaires), which regulate the limits of use of lighting devices in the presence of humans and animals. BIOVITAE has been rated RG-0 (Risk Group 0). according to EN62471 standards, that is, for continuous use in the presence of living things. BIOVITAE, so it is absolutely not harmful to either humans or animals.

Are there any contraindications for people? Skin problems, overexposure risks, migraine headaches, etc.

No, no contraindications. Among its features, BIOVITAE also has that of being a "flicker-free" device. Flickers, although not directly perceptible by the human eye, can induce neurological side effects; and BIOVITAE emits light free of the flickers typical of other lighting products

Do I need to use special precautions to optimize the action of BIOVITAE technology? (Should I keep the windows closed? Can I use air conditioning or heaters? How do I deal with clothing and shoes from outside or in damp weather?)
No. BIOVITAE requires no changes to your normal routines or the environments of your daily life.
How soon does the germicidal effectiveness of BIOVITAE products begin on surfaces?

The metabolic reaction in the bacteria, as well as the photolysis effect, begins from the very first moment of exposure to BIOVITAE, reaching the minimum level of sensitivity as early as 5 (five) minutes after the first ignition.

For further study.
How long does the effect persist after shutdown?
It depends on the degree of photo-excitation of the porphyrins and a number of other factors, but still not less than an hour.
What does it mean that bacteria are eliminated by metabolic reaction?
Unlike other devices on the market and UV frequencies, BIOVITAE's action is through an effect on the bacteria's general metabolism and not on its genetic material: BIOVITAE's frequencies stimulate the bacteria's porphyrins, activating an uncontrolled METABOLIC REACTION through photo-excitation of porphyrin molecules in bacterial cells and triggering an uncontrolled production of free radicals within the microorganism. From that point, a process of oxidation of the bacterium's cell structure is initiated, causing irreversible damage and, therefore, its ultimate destruction.
Can bacteria become resistant to BIOVITAE as they did to antibiotics?
No. Bacteria have evolved defenses toward antibiotics through genetic mutations that have enabled them to adapt to all existing molecules. And biofilm is a form of aggregation among bacteria in a protected environment that allows them to survive even in hostile conditions and to mutate their genetic structure "undisturbed." But BIOVITAE triggers uncontrolled self-destructive metabolic action in the bacteria, toward which they cannot generate any known resistance mechanism. In addition, BIOVITAE is also able to penetrate the biofilm by reaching the bacteria aggregated in it.
There are also "good" bacteria, is there a risk of them being eliminated as well?
BIOVITAE does not totally eliminate bacteria but reduces their quantity. BIOVITAE frequencies control the proliferation of bacteria, so bacterial populations do not become so large that they become dangerous to human health. Moreover, not only are most of the so-called good bacteria generally stationed in the gut of higher living things, where they cannot be reached by light, but they are less sensitive to BIOVITAE wavelengths and, therefore, are allowed to occupy the spaces in the ecosystem left vacant by the eradication of pathogenic microorganisms.
Is BIOVITAE an environmentally friendly device?
The lifetime in hours of the BIOVITAE lamp is at least 30% longer than traditional top-of-the-line "competitor" lamps. This means that the "environmental impact per operating hour," or the lamp's carbon footprint, is among the lowest in the industry.
Is Biovitae a medical device?

No, The medical device registration regulations do not provide for-or allow-environmental and/or surface sanitization devices to be registered as such.

Biovitae has been included in the GMDN (Global Medical Device Nomenclature) in a category created specifically for our technology called "Blue-light germicidal bulb/lamp," the description of which is as follows:
Blue-light germicidal bulb/lamp "A light bulb thai emits light in the blue wavelength region of the visible spectrum (i.e., Sorel band) intended to destroy microbes (e.g., bacteria, viruses) in an indoor environment. It is designed lo be installed in a conventional lighting syslem, or use in the home or in a clinical setting. This is a reusable device."

This allows registration as a medical device in all countries where there are no restrictions under European regulations.

Biovitae has numerous certifications of effectiveness issued based on testing by accredited and certified bodies, including:
- military laboratories of Germany, Italy and Sweden:
- France's CEA (Commissariat pour l'energies atomiques),
- the ICGEB in Trieste.

What products with BIOVITAE technology are currently available?

The products currently available for the public and private markets are as follows: BIOVITAE Domus - BIOVITAE Orbit - BIOVITAE Pro - BIOVITAE Lobby.

Does Biovitae prevent contagion?
Biovitae is a preventive device that does not replace drug treatment or other measures provided to limit the risk of infection. Biovitae removes bacteria and viruses from surfaces and environments and, therefore, significantly reduces the risk of contact (surfaces/hands/mucous membranes) and aerosol contagion but can do nothing against direct person-to-person contagion for which only masking and spacing are effective.
What is BIOVITAE Domus?
BIOVITAE Domus is a light bulb (BULB) with an E27 socket designed for small homes and offices.
Regarding the LIGHT BULB A60 9 Watt - 800 Lumen bulb, how many watts does it correspond to in the old incandescent bulbs?
The Biovitae Bulb A60 9-watt bulb corresponds to about 75 watts of an old incandescent lamp.
What pace does Biovitae have?
E 27
What is the angle of incidence of the Biovitae LED bulb?
120 degrees
Where is Biovitae produced?
The bulb is currently manufactured in Germany.
If I install Biovitae Domus in a room, does breathing normally zero out the presence of viruses and thus nullify the potential passage of viruses (i.e., if a person has the flu and breathes/sneezes in a room, the passage of disease becomes impossible?)?
There is no solution that can, by itself, 100% stem this pandemic; otherwise, masks and physical distancing would have already been enough to defeat the virus. Infectious risks can be prevented through good environmental cleaning and sanitation practices. And Biovitae, which is an innovative continuous sanitization method, is probably one of the most effective methods available today to help contain environmental contamination by bacteria and viruses. But vaccines remain the only effective way to eradicate a viral disease and will always be a key preventive health care.
What is the coverage in square meters of BIOVITAE Domus?
A single BIOVITAE Domus can effectively cover a room of about 8/10 ㎡
How many square meters do they cover?

Effectiveness is by irradiation of the light cone of surfaces. Normally, a cone of light radiated by an LED bulb placed at a standard height (2.80-3.00mt) covers an area of about 8/10 square meters.

Thus, for the effective coverage of a 20 m2 room it is recommended to install at least 2 BIOVITAE Domus, 1.5 m apart.

What is the correct use of Biovitae?

The sanitization activity of BIOVITAE Domus is carried out through the lighting device itself and simultaneously with the lighting function. To ensure the best possible coverage, it is always recommended to install it on the ceiling, at an appropriate height and with the light source facing downward.

BIOVITAE retains its efficacy even when installed inside a lamp, as long as it is opal or transparent and the light source is facing the surface to be sanitized. If Biovitae Domus is placed on a piece of furniture, it obviously has limited effectiveness because the irradiation is upward.

Biovitae Domus also functions in a ceiling light. BIOVITAE frequencies are light frequencies and pass wherever light can pass. Proof is that the bulb bulb is also opaline.

Do BIOVITAE products require special attachments or transformers?
All BIOVITAE products are available in the standards provided by the market and do not require adapters or transformers beyond those provided.
Is Biovitae Domus compatible with other lighting systems?
Yes, Biovitae Domus is absolutely compatible with any other type of lighting.
Does Biovitae's light disturb sleep?

No, on the contrary, there are several studies that have demonstrated the beneficial effects of blue-violet light on the neurological system. Some cities (Glasgow and Tokyo) have already done experiments in this regard with very positive effects in terms of reducing crime and suicide.


Some airlines have installed blue-violet lights on planes to promote REM phase of sleep and reduce of jet-lag.


Does it make a cold or warm light?
At present, BIOVITAE Domus is marketed only in cold light (5000°K-Cool White), but two models with neutral light (4000°K-Moon White) and warm light (3000°K-Warm White) will also be available on the market soon.
What is the lifetime of the BIOVITAE bulb?
The lifespan in hours of BIOVITAE Domus is 20,000 (twenty thousand) hours, at least 30% longer than that of traditional lighting lamps.
How much does BIOVITAE consume?
The consumption of BIOVITAE Domus is 9W.
How much does it cost to use the BIOVITAE bulb?
The cost of BIOVITAE Domus is 35 euros. For an 8-hour use per day, the cost of using BIOVITAE for an entire calendar year is less than €5 (at the electricity cost of €0.19/kWh all-inclusive), or about €0.00171 for each hour of power on.
Can I use BIOVITAE in the children's bedroom?
Of course. BIOVITAE Domus can be used in any environment, even in the presence of children.
Can the BIOVITAE Domus bulb be used only in private or also in professional settings?
BIOVITAE Domus is designed to function within domestic environments where there is no evidence of a high risk of contagion between noncohabiting persons. Although it can still be used to illuminate and protect even small, low-risk work environments, it is by no means recommended for professional use. For these cases, refer to BIOVITAE products specifically designed for use in work environments.
What should be done to dispose of the product once it is used up?

The procedure follows the normal way of disposal of all electronic products by delivery to the retailer or authorized disposal centers. BIOVITAE  has a reduced environmental impact because it is designed based on the requirements of the Design for the environment (DfE): (i) low number of components (only 5 pieces), (ii) speed of disassembly (parts are not welded but interlocking assembled) (iii) easy identification of materials and (iv) reduced presence of harmful metals (BIOVITAE is ROHS2 certified).

Where can I find the data sheet of BIOVITAE Domus?

You can find the BIOVITAE Domus data sheet by visiting our web page at this link: data sheet.

Does Biovitae have any certifications?

Yes, you can view Biovitae's certifications by clicking on the following link: https://www.biovitae.it/la-tecnologia/

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